Betting Picks

The skill of betting is to get daily, professional betting picks and tips from various tried and tested sources that you know you can trust.  They won’t be 100% right every time, but they will be right mostly and that will carry through to your wins and losses – maximize the wins!

What I do is setup my top 10 betting sites to send through daily RSS feeds, then I can pick and choose what I want.  It could be football games, tennis matches or cycling races – its all the same to me.  I love sport, the competition, the strategy, the skill vs determination and tenacity.  I will bet on anything if I  have a feeling that I know the outcome.


Work the odds, whether its roulette or sports betting.  Whats it going to be this time?  Groups of numbers… how many and what are the odds of winning?

If you want help finding the best betting picks there are lots of betting tipsters available. Some good some bad. Betting clubs often review the best tipsters and advice members to follow the most profitable systems. Secret betting club is an example. The “secret betting club review” describes how this betting club aims to find the best tipsters and gives betting system advice. Betting clubs often review betting systems and proof their results so we can profit from the advice of betting professionals.