The advantages of spread betting

There are many advantages to spread betting. It is a tax free way of making money in most parts of the world, this can make a huge difference to the amount of money that you bet. There are no fees for brokers or commission which means that you get to keep more of the money that you win. These fees can make a significant difference for some types of investment.

One big advantage for many people is that you can bet on rising and falling markets, which means that you are not always relying on the stock market going up. You can also make long or short bets, which means that people can choose which will suit them and means that whether the market is rising or falling you can still benefit.

It is often possible to place bets in many different markets just from having one account. This makes things very easy and convenient. It means that you can deal with individual stocks, world indexes, bonds, options, currency and many other things, making things very flexible. You can also deal 24 hours a day, use mobile phones, land lines or the Internet to trade and trade in any currency. This means that you do not have to wait for the markets to open, which could effect the values of the items that you are interested in. Not all places offer a 24 hour service, so if this is something that you want, then you will have to find it.

It is possible to put down very small stakes, even just a few pounds. This means that it can be of an advantage to those who do not have that much money to use, but are interested in the stock market. Normally the high fees and taxes mean that dealing in small amounts is too expensive and this gets over that problem.

Some places will allow you to set up automatic loss stops or limit orders so that you cannot lose too much money. It may cost a bit but it will allow you to have better control, especially if you are not able to keep a close eye on the market and the value of your bet.