The Unders & Overs Football System – Final Review

As you would expect the system is based around the over and under 2.5 goals markets. The author of the system is not very confident on the Unders markets so my testing was on the Overs markets only. Why he didn’t just leave the Unders system out all together is beyond me as it seems ridiculous to include that part of the system only to warn you not to use it very often.

When you purchase this you receive a PDF document which contains the system itself and a betting calculator which is used to recoup part of your losses over 5 games. The author states that level stakes profits are made using the system and again this is what my review is based on.

The selection process is mechanical and fairly simple but it does take quite a bit of time even so to find all the selections. It is based around the results of recent matches of the two teams.

Although the sales for this system makes big claims (don’t they all?) there is no historical results to back the claims up.

I put the system to the test and from the 200 selections found 111 finished over 2.5 goals as the system predicted which is a strike rate of 55%. Placing a £10 win bet on each selection returned me a total profit of only £31.00.

You do get winning runs with this system but you also get losing runs so progressive staking is NOT advised. In my opinion the strike rate will always be around the 50% mark and considering that your backing at odds on or evens at best the system in my opinion is not a long term winner and should be avoided.

Rating: 2/5 – The system may have some merit but in my opinion it is not reliable enough to use in the long-run and is one to avoid.

written by Marko - Posted in Betting